Home Latest news Plastic Soup Foundation enters into collaboration with successful developer of washing machine filters

The Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) has joined forces with the innovative Slovenian company, PlanetCare, in the battle against plastic fibres in clothing and textiles. These are a major and hazardous form of plastic leaching into the environment, and possibly pose serious health effects.

PSF has worked on drawing attention to this problem for years in its ‘Ocean Clean Wash’ campaign. PSF is bringing together a growing coalition of dozens of stakeholders from around the world to come up with solutions to tackle this problem. PSF is proud that PlanetCare from Slovenia is joining the coalition. PlanetCare is the developer of one of the best solutions to date: a thoroughly tested washing machine filter that catches at least 80% of the released plastic fibres before they disappear down the drain. Clever technology and useful applications enable PlanetCare to develop a consumer friendly product at low cost. Regulations may follow that require manufacturers to incorporate the filter in new washing machines as a matter of course. Apart from this, for washing machines now that do not have the filter, PlanetCare is developing several add-on applications. Solutions for industrial washing facilities are also at an advanced stage.

In a response, Mojca Zupan, founder & CEO, says “We are extremely thrilled and proud to join the coalition Plastic Soup Foundation has initiated. We believe that our filters enable citizens and companies to stop “shedding” microplastic fibres into the environment even in the absence of regulation or broad systemic solutions. Until now they had no such option. PSF has shown leadership and vision which we hope to change into reality for all.”

Maria Westerbos, director of the Plastic Soup Foundation says that “We spent four years searching the world for a solution like this. PlanetCare is the very first company to have found a solution for this technically complex problem. Major washing machine manufacturers such as Miele and Electrolux have also been doing their best for years. Kudos to this small start-up!”

The Plastic Soup Foundation will continue to approach responsible manufacturers to collaborate on new developments.