Home Latest news PlanetCare Microfiber filter receives first official ‘Ocean Clean Wash’ approval

Amsterdam, 24 September 2019 – Plastic microfibers from clothes form a big threat to the environment and are released in huge numbers during the washing of laundry. The Slovenian start-up PlanetCare has developed a superb washing machine filter that blocks 90% of these fibers, which is an important milestone. This filter is compatible with every type of washing machine.

This filter has been tested by four renowned institutions: University of Slovenia, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), the Swedish Environmental Agency and a washing machine manufacturer.

They have not limited themselves to the development of a filter but have thought through the whole consumer experience. The prescription model assures a proper collection and treatment of the cartridges when they become full.
Congratulations PlanetCare!

The filters are now available and can be purchased in their shop online. For just €9,95 per month, consumers will receive a filter accompanied by 7 months’ worth of cartridges. G-Star RAW has positioned itself as the first fashion brand to support the best solution to microfiber release to date.

Ocean Clean Wash quality label assesses solutions to the massive problem of microfiber pollution from synthetic clothes & textiles. With this campaign, we try to educate people and companies about the problem and facilitate solutions that will allow us to #StopTheMicrofiber.