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Flotilla Foundation and The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation and a global coalition of partners have launched a $650,000 innovation competition, dedicated to solving our microplastic pollution from textiles problem. Each year, Conservation X Labs hosts global competitions awarding cash prizes for the best solutions for specific conservation problems.

Plastic microfibers from our clothing are the source of 35% of all microplastics in the ocean. This Challenge will award $650,000 in prizes to winning innovations to prevent further microfiber pollution. Conservation X Labs is looking for upstream innovations to replace plastic in textiles and/or prevent microfiber shedding.

“By harnessing planetary genius, we can allow conservation to operate at the pace and on the scale necessary to keep up with, and even get ahead of, the planet’s toughest environmental challenges,” says Alex Dehgan, co-founder of Conservation X Labs.

Entrants have until June 25, 2021, to submit applications for innovations that replace plastic-derived textiles with non-toxic, biodegradable alternatives and/or develop improved textile manufacturing processes to decrease microfiber shedding. Finalists will receive the support of an industry advisory panel to guide the final presentations. Plastic Soup Foundation is a proud member of the jury that will assess the submissions.