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Fashion brands’ addiction to fossil fuels for synthetic clothes spell disaster for the climate, nature, and human health. A new report by Changing Markets called ‘Synthetic Anonymous: Fashion brands’ addiction to fossil fuels‘ exposes greenwashing and addiction of fashion brands to fossil-fuel-derived synthetic fibers. Analysis of major fashion brands finds 67% of clothes contain fossil-fuel-based fibers. An average of 59% of green claims by brands like H&M, Zara, Zalando, Asos, Forever21, and M&S is unsubstantiated or misleading. What’s worse, fashion brands are asleep at the wheel when it comes to microfibres. Despite serious health harm already known, most are dragging their feet and waiting for more research.

Plastic Soup Foundation, together with a group of other environmental organizations, has supported this report and urges the fashion industry to make their clothes safe for the health of the environment and our own.