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Oceans & oceans of microfibers. Time to clean up our act!

Artist: Louise McCurdy in RubyMoon; Photograph: Mi Elfverson

The Ocean Clean Wash campaign was initiated by the Plastic Soup Foundation in 2016 to bring on the map & find solutions to the issue of microfiber pollution from synthetic clothes. Since the start of this campaign, we try to educate people & companies about the problem and facilitate solutions that will allow us to #StopTheMicrofiber.

We focus on raising awareness about microfibers released in the environment through manufacturing, washing & wearing of textiles. We try to attack the issue from all sides: by engaging, consumers, designers, retail brands, washing machine manufacturers, scientists & governments. Collaborative work is key to solve this issue. To learn more about our approach visit our Campaign page.

If you have any questions regarding our work, please feel free to contact us!