In order to solve one of the biggest sources of plastic polluting the environment, a shared effort from industry, NGOs, governments and consumers is needed. That’s why we are in collaboration with multiple partners in the fashion & textile industry as well as scientists and research centres.

Amberoot isn’t just the only plastic-free multibrand shop worldwide, it has also developed the best ‘Material environmental sustainability ranking’ tool to date.
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche is the largest research council in Italy. IPCB-CNR and PSF collaborated in the Mermaids Life+ research and have joined forces again.
G-Star RAW
G-Star RAW was the first fashion brand to take responsibility for the microfiber problem and signed the Ocean Clean Wash Charter back in 2016. Collaboration extends until today.
GreenEarth Cleaning
GreenEarth Cleaning, the largest provider of retail laundry services in the US, will test and install washing machine filters designed and manufactured by PlanetCare in 2019.
PlanetCare is an innovative Slovenian start-up Company that has developed a thoroughly tested washing machine filter to stop plastic fibers in clothing & textiles from going down the drain.
Prof. Dr. Richard Thompson
Prof. Dr. Thompson from Plymouth University did not only coin the term ‘microplastics’ but has become the worldwide reference for microfiber pollution from synthetic clothing.
RubyMoon is a sustainable swimwear brand. The photograph of the environmental artist Louise McCurdy wearing RubyMoon while hoovering up microplastics from the beach has provided Ocean Clean Wash with thought-provoking visuals.
Sympatex Technologies, a producer of outdoor wear, is collaborating with IPCB-CNR in the research on a pectin finishing coating that will reduce the number of microfibers released. They are also frontrunners in taking responsibility for the problem.
UPSET Textiles
UPSET Textiles strives for a fully circular & fair chain for textiles. It aims to guarantee the use of 100% recycled materials in a controlled, transparent, circular & socially responsible value chain. They intend to revolutionize the set-up of the textile industry.